Farewell, Our First Home!

September 22, 2018

I've been preoccupied with packing our things and fitting them all together in four pieces of luggage that I have neglected to feel the emotions associated with leaving.  However, everything eventually sank in when the time came that we had to bid goodbye to our first home. 

It was heartbreaking to think that we would never see this place again.  A place that held so much happy memories for our family.  A place we called "HOME" for almost six years.

Seeing it for the last time brought back all the precious moments we have had in this flat -- from the time we learned about my pregnancy, to bringing Rafa home for the first time (and all the sleepless nights that came after that), to becoming pregnant for the second time, and eventually welcoming Joaquin who completed our family.  The feeling was overwhelming, I felt like a tear would fall from my eyes.

My heart is heavy to leave but it's now time to move to the next chapter of our lives.  Thank you so much, Abu Dhabi, for all the wonderful opportunities you have brought to our family!  Our hearts will be forever grateful!

Off we go to our next adventure!

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