Nurture Wellness Village

June 06, 2018

After an enjoyable overnight stay at Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay, our group went next to Nurture Wellness Village.  I personally chose this place because I know my parents, especially my papa, would love it here.  It's a pretty nice place to destress and unwind -- there are lots of greens everywhere and the village's main philosophy is to promote healthy living -- perfect for the seniors, hehe.  Unfortunately, they weren't able to join us at the last minute because my mama had palpitations and therefore was not fit enough to travel.  It's sad but we don't have any other choice but to push through with this trip because our reservation has been confirmed already and my family only have a few weeks to spend in the Philippines hence, rescheduling at a later date was no longer possible.  So off we went to Tagaytay with the siblings and the newlyweds...

Nurture Wellness Village reminds me a lot of The Farm at San Benito.  The place is quiet and peaceful and the feel of nature is very relaxing.  The entire property is a bit small but I still love it, nonetheless.  I guess I'm just like my papa who prefers the mountains and the trees over beaches and seas.

There were quite a number of guests during our visit so it took us a while to check-in.  The waiting time wasn't that bad since they provided us with pandan tea while we fill up some forms.  However, if you're the type who doesn't like dealing with a crowd, I suggest booking your stay during their off-peak season (e.g. weekdays) to get more privacy and for shorter queuing time at the reception area.

▪They don't have big guest houses that can accommodate a big group like us thus, we had to book three separate rooms.
▪My family stayed in Rosal, a small nipa hut-like house that's good for 2 adults; it's fully airconditioned equipped with a queen bed and a toilet and bath (no bathtub).
▪My siblings stayed in Gracia, a room located on the upper floor of a two-storey house (lower floor is used for treatments/ massage); it's also fully-airconditioned and is good for a maximum of 3 adults; it has a queen bed and a sofa bed; the bathroom is big and has a tub.
▪Both rooms smell like citronella as they have the plant in each guest houses (it is known to have mosquito repelling properties).
▪Also, our rooms came with the basic amenities like bath towels, toiletries, complimentary water, coffee and chocolate chip cookies.

▪Breakfast is served in their al fresco restaurant named Gabriela; just make sure to apply an insect repellant before dining in this place for there can be a lot of mosquitos in the area due to the abundance of plants and trees within the property.
▪A clinic/ breastfeeding room is also available next to the pharmacy;  by the way, you can only access their public wifi at the reception/ lobby area.
▪Nurture Pharmacy sells organic kale and other superfoods that you can take home as a souvenir.
▪They do have a small pool that's only 4 feet deep -- good enough for kids who want to take a dip.  It's non-heated though, so better come here during the summer season.
▪You can also go glamping (glamorous camping) if you wish. 

▪Low-impact exercise Tai Qi Gong starts at 7am every Mondays to Saturdays while Basic Yoga is being conducted every Sundays at 7:30am
▪The Nurture Walk with Farm Tour has two schedules.  The first batch starts at 8am followed by the last batch at 9am.  It's a good one-hour educational walk to a farm near the village.  If you wish to join this activity, I suggest you go on the 8am batch for a more enjoyable experience because the 9am-10am sun is just too hot to bear.  Hats, guyabano tea, and cold towel will be provided.
▪The Healthy Juice Demo and Coffee Roasting Demo is facilitated by a Registered Nutritionist/ Dietitian and is done every day from 10am to 11am.  I am not a great fan of healthy shakes (especially the green ones) but I must admit that all the juices (for the kidneys, liver, anticancer & heart) they made us taste are absolutely delicious.  I swear, I can drink those every day!  Even my 4-year-old son loved them!

▪Our dealgrocer vouchers came with a complimentary plated full set breakfast that gave us the option to choose from the traditional "Pinoy almusal" with coffee and fresh fruits.  Here's what we ordered:

Although we were not able to try their famous healing massages, I must say that Nurture Wellness Village is indeed a good place worth visiting especially if you want to retreat from the busy city life.  No wonder this award-winning destination was recognized as "One of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia" and "Top 7 Spas in the Philippines."  Their rates are a bit pricey though so if you want to score a great deal, I would suggest buying a discounted voucher through Dealgrocer, just like what we did.  Highly recommended especially for the elders!

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