The Wedding:  Hijo and Mawsi (03.10.18)

April 05, 2018

This was the main reason why our family came home to the Philippines for a quick three-week vacation last month.  We usually visit our home country for an annual holiday during the cooler months of November and December, which also happened to be my papa and mama's birth month, but this year was an exemption -- because my younger brother got married to his girlfriend of eight years and of course, we cannot miss it for the world!

The celebration of their union was simple but unconventional.  My brother is a low-profile type of person and he doesn't like being the center of everybody's attention.  Hence, he decided to totally get away with all the wedding traditions that we usually see in a typical reception.  So yeah, they didn't have the cutting of the cake, wine toasting, releasing of doves, father-daughter/ mother-son/ bride-groom dance, speeches, etc.  Instead, they just chose to have a scrumptious dinner, good music, and fun games.  It was a great night!  In fact, even my four-year-old son had enjoyed the party (which simply meant there was never a dull or boring moment during the program)!

Apart from being a well-reserved individual, my brother also happens to be a very frugal spender (a.k.a. "makunat" in Tagalog).  He doesn't like spending on things which will just be a waste of money.  That's the reason why they didn't bother to buy flowers to decorate the church's aisle.  [Trust me, I saw how the church staff threw all the flowers (from a preceding ceremony) in a black trash bag before my brother's wedding started.  And it's like throwing away thousands of pesos in a span of one hour!]  In addition, he also just wore his old barong, pants, and shoes for this event.  He basically didn't wear anything new that day and I really admire him for that!  He's that matipid!  He doesn't like to spend money for himself.  Rather, he opted to splurge on entertainment (i.e. band, lights and sounds, host), prizes and giveaways -- something everyone would enjoy and appreciate.

 The wedding invitation was designed and made by the groom himself.  If you'll notice on the far right portion of the invite, it says "Dress as you wish.." because they didn't even have a dress code for this event -- the couple wanted everyone to be comfortable with whatever attire their guests chose to wear.

The dashing groom and my brother, Hijo, still looked sharp in his old barong.

The lovely bride, Mawsi, looked gorgeous in Ryan Chris bridal gown.  Hair and makeup were done by Elaine Celestino.

My family minus Joaquin who was sleeping at the time we took this photo.  I wore a custom Ryan Chris gown which I'll be blogging about in a separate post.

The parents of the groom -- my mama and papa.

My siblings (L - R):  bunso, me, the groom, Ate Mot, and Norman

My beloved family

Finally got the chance to have a decent family photo before we left the hotel.

My first born, in his second bible bearer stint.

My parents walked the groom down the aisle.  Mama also wore a Ryan Chris ensemble.  Isn't she gorgeous?

Doing his job pretty well... and smiling before the camera, too!

The bride looked oh sooo lovely as she walked down the aisle!

Obviously, everyone's happy!

The beautiful altar of Sta. Clara de Montefalco in Pasig City.

Always, camera ready!!!

And very naughty!!!

She's always been a family to us ever since but this day just made it official.  Welcome to our family, Mawsi!!!  

Cheering the newlyweds!  What a happy memory!

The reception venue was held at PSE Auditorium in Ortigas Center | Catering and styling by Dorie's Catering | Lights and sounds by Rejectkrew | Music by GSeven Band | Coordination by Imbitado Events | Hosting by Ayie Contreras-Tuates | Photovideo by Lumniscate Photography

The newlyweds:  Mr and Mrs Noel and Jenny Ragiles (a.k.a.  Hijo and Mawsi)

While everyone was having dinner, my baby's also enjoying eating his hands... haha!

Finally awake to celebrate with everyone at the reception!

Playing cash-ya!  Competitive ang mga family members ng groom sa games, lol!

Oh no!  Daddy just lost to Rafa in the game "Jack-en-poy, winner takes all!"  (You should have seen how everyone participated and enjoyed this game... simply because the grand winner will be taking home a cash prize that's worth thousands of pesos!  Thanks to the couple who had been very generous to their guests that night!)

My little one went up on stage to play the final round!!!  Smiling from ear to ear because of all the play money he got on his hands, lol!

Ahh.. Rafa got shy playing 'jack en poy' with people he doesn't know, so nana went to the rescue and played as his proxy!  And guess what?  They won!!!  Congratulations!

We really had a great time!  Again, congratulations and best wishes to the groom and bride!  We love you both!!!

As a guest, I appreciated that they provided refreshments for everyone right after the ceremony -- that way, our tummies are filled with something before we left the church because who knows, we might get stuck in traffic! Moreover, I loooooved how we didn't have to wait that long for the reception program to begin.  Meaning, they didn't starve us to death waiting for dinner, lol!  I suppose the bride and groom had their "post-nuptial" pictorial done before the ceremony even started -- so their guests won't get hungry and bored waiting.  Indeed, our comfort and satisfaction as guests were thoughtfully considered in planning this wonderful affair.  Kudos to the newlyweds for a job well done!

To view their SDE by Lumniscate Photography, click HERE.

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