My 32nd Birthday!

April 02, 2018

It's been over a month already since I turned a year older but I still haven't blogged about the special birthday breakfast surprise my husband has prepared for me.  I've been sooo busy the past few weeks because my siblings went home to the Philippines (for good) and I was left with this never-ending list of things to do at home.  And man, it's driving me crazy!!! 

Honestly, I've been having a difficult time adjusting to my new role as a mom of two kids.  I'm always tired and sleepy (had to learn how to function well and be productive at home with not enough sleep every night.. Oh, hello puyat!!!) plus, I also have to deal with an aching back (because I have to carry around my 7kg baby just so I can finish all the household chores). It's exhausting.  It even came to a point wherein I broke down in tears because I was both overtired and overwhelmed.  It's hard being a full-time mom especially if you don't have a yaya/ helper/ relative who can give you a hand when everything seems too much to handle.  I'm trying and failing and trying again. I'm simply learning how to survive each passing day.  Hence, the hiatus.

It's a good thing our family had to go for a quick holiday here in the Philippines so that my husband and I can breathe and relax a bit.  (Oh, the joy of having an extended family who can help us with childcare!)  I finally got the chance to update this blog and do the things I only used to dream about, like getting a massage, a foot spa with a pedicure, a haircut, etc.  Thank you, dear Lord, for giving us this much-needed break!

Anyway, back to the main topic -- my 32nd birthday!  I'm not a fan of big parties so I really didn't plan anything for that day.  (As I've mentioned above, my only goal was to survive a day without losing my sanity.)  But I'm glad the husband prepared something special for me.  I was surprised, happy and grateful!  I feel appreciated and loved!!!

Building a family is, indeed, challenging.  I know we still have a long way to go and the journey's gonna be one hell of a ride.  Nevertheless, I'm confident that with God's guidance and grace, along with our teamwork as husband and wife, we'll be able to get through this difficult stage with joy and fulfillment in our hearts!

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