Joaquin's Christening Souvenirs by Istorya Creations

April 02, 2018

Last month, we welcomed our second child, Joaquin Gabriel, into the Christian world.  We're not big on parties, so preparing for the event had been an easy task for me --  I just chose the same church and reception venue when we had Rafa baptized three years ago.  It's stress-free and uncomplicated that way. 

What really made our preparation a bit challenging was finding a good supplier for the sponsors' souvenir.  We don't want to spend money on something that would just end up collecting dust.  We want something unique, special and no-nonsense, so I started searching for a personalized and useful token that the ninongs and ninangs would appreciate.  

Then I came across this blog post that suggested 25 cool and chic giveaways, but the one that really stood out (for us) was the personalized keepsakes by Istorya.  Seeing their products on Instagram and Facebook was love at first sight, and I knew right then that they're THE ONE!

I ordered the Corazon locket keychain (@ PHP 650 each) for the godmothers and the Zafra keychain (@ PHP 500 each) for the godfathers.  And my gosh, they all looked gorgeous! 

I love their keen attention to detail.  The items that I ordered came exactly the same as how I envisioned them to be.  Their packaging was also extra special because it included a heart-warming message for the recipient, making the gift even more memorable.

The only thing that I didn't quite like about Istorya was the communication process -- it took them three days before they were able to reply to my initial inquiry, but everything else went smoothly after that.  (I guess, my timing was just not perfect because I saw in one of their Instagram posts that they're actually looking for a communications officer.) Had I given them a call or SMS, perhaps, I could have received a reply instantly.  

Overall, I would say that I am pretty much satisfied working with Istorya Creations.  The products they produce are inarguably lovely and made with high-quality standards!  Highly recommended!
To view their online catalog or for any inquiries, you may contact them via:

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