Formal Gowns by Ryan Chris

April 17, 2018

This gown that I wore to my brother's wedding last month received a lot of compliments -- not only from the guests who attended the party but also from friends who saw the photos I posted online -- so I thought it's just apt for me to put it up on this blog to give credit where credit is due. 

The very talented couturier I'm talking about is none other than Ryan Chris. Ryan is a high school batchmate, a friend, and my go-to designer for every occasion.  He really makes stunning gowns that would make you look and feel beautiful!  Not to mention, his rate is also reasonable -- not too expensive nor cheap. He's generous in giving discounts to clients and he's also flexible enough to do a workaround in case your budget is tight.  Truly, with the kind of service he provides and the quality of his creations, you actually get more than what you pay for.

I was not a part of the entourage for this wedding but I still went for a custom made piece made by Ryan Chris.  It's easier that way.  No need to waste time, effort and energy for shopping.  I don't have those anyway!  (I just gave birth to Joaquin during those times, so I'm really after convenience.)  Plus, I also get to choose a design that I not just want but most importantly, something that I really NEED -- and that is, a gown that's breastfeeding friendly.  Win-win!

By the way, I was an overseas client so all I did was to take my measurements and send it to Ryan via email together with the below photo as my peg and viola, I have a dress!  Easy-peasy and hassle-free!!!

And this is what he made me:

I was supposed to have a chiffon (only) skirt because the fabric used in my gown peg is an expensive one.  But Ryan surprised me with this scene-stealing skirt (which gave the dress its "wow" factor) and guess what?.. the upgrade was for FREE!!!

I chose to have it in navy blue to comply with the wedding's motif.

The top is shining and shimmering, too.  It's not just obvious in the previous photo (because that was taken using a phone cam) but with a DSLR and good lighting, it is!

So far the best feature of this gown is that it's breastfeeding friendly!

Also, just so you would know.. I didn't get to do an actual fitting for this ensemble.  I NEVER had the chance to fit any of the dresses Ryan had made for me (including the one that I wore to a friend's wedding two years ago).  Nevertheless, his finished product always looked flattering to my body shape.  Impressive, I know!

Apart from my fabulous gown, he also made my mama's dress:

And the bride's wedding gown, too!

If you'd notice, all our dresses looked absolutely stunning!  As in, di sya mukhang tinipid!  I mean, there are some shops out there that would give you really cheap quotations for a custom made piece but their quality is just disappointing.  With Ryan Chris, you'll get to wear a sophisticated-looking outfit at an affordable price.  Indeed, he is good at his craft and I highly recommend him!

If you are a soon-to-be bride or a guest looking for a couturier who can make you dream gown come to life, perhaps you would like to check my friend's page to see what he's got: 

He also has a rental shop in case you're interested in renting a formal wear:

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