The Scariest Moment of My Life (Featuring: Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi)

August 28, 2017

So I got admitted to the hospital two days ago due to (painless) heavy bleeding and I swear, it was the scariest moment of my life ever! 

I'm currently on my 26th week of pregnancy and I've been spotting on and off since my second trimester came in.  It was bothersome but not alarming since I had the same experience with my first pregnancy.  The only difference was, with Rafa, I was given medications (oral, suppository, and IM injections) and advised to stay on bed rest until my spotting cleared up.  Not unlike with my current pregnancy, wherein I was only advised to avoid prolonged standing and strenuous activities (no meds prescribed).  I'm not complaining though because as per my ultrasound result, everything's perfectly well -- my cervix is closed, the placenta is not low lying, and the baby's not in distress. 

According to my OB, who by the way is a consultant of the OB-GYNE department of Burjeel Hospital, spotting during pregnancy is usually common and they often come and go without treatment needed.  She's an expert in her field and I trust her.  Perhaps, it's just my body that's acting weird, which caused the unexplained bleeding I experienced last Friday night. (I was able to soak one sanitary pad with fresh blood in just 3 hrs.)  Good thing all my lab, ultrasound, and CTG results were normal.  And my bleeding eventually lessened significantly just a few hours after they've given me IV meds. Praise God!

Just a little side story:  A few days before my bleeding episode, my husband and I were actually discussing the option of having our baby delivered in Australia.  Ron was keen on getting the citizenship for baby #2 despite the expensive cost it entails.  I, on the other hand, was hesitant of the idea because of the hassle it would cause on Rafa's schooling (which means he'll be absent for more than a month) and the stress associated with giving birth in a foreign land.  In short, we couldn't come into agreement of where I will deliver.  My mama told us to pray about it so we'll be guided with our decision-making.  Then this incident happened.  So, I suppose it's a good sign that we better should stay here in Abu Dhabi just to be safe.  (And with this condition, I doubt we can get a clearance from my OB to travel to Oz before reaching term.)

And since I'm stuck here in bed (bored) all day, as per doctor's order, I thought that I might as well update this blog with a new post.  I must admit, I've neglected this site for quite some time already.  I'm a lazy pregnant blogger, I know!

What I like about Burjeel Hospital:

1.  The room!  Honestly, it looked more like a hotel room than a hospital room.  (Rafa even asked us if we were actually in a hotel, lol!)  It's very spacious (51 square meters) and equipped with all the basic amenities you'll need -- free wifi, a closet with an electronic safe, a flat screen TV, a refrigerator, a sofa and coffee table for receiving guests, and most especially, a convertible leather sofa bed (with pillows, flat sheet & blanket) that's big enough to sleep a husband and a toddler!  Everyone's comfortable!  The toilet and bath are also complete with toiletries -- shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, dental kit, shaving kit, vanity kit, comb, and disposable slippers.  I was also provided with a whole pack of maternity pads and underpads -- a generous amount that's more than enough for 2 days use.  (When I gave birth to Rafa in 2013, I was confined to a different hospital and was only provided with a few pieces of sanitary napkins; I even had to ask for it from the nurses' station every time I needed a new one. What a hassle!) 

2.  It's very clean!  Their housekeeping service would knock 3x a day to clean and disinfect my room.  What a good way to make you feel that they really do make an extra effort keep the bad bugs away!

3.  All the members of their health team are very professional, competent, and warm.  Apart from the doctors and nurses who took care of me during my stay, I was also visited by their dietitian, who gave me a health teaching on how to go about a healthy and balanced diet.

4.  Speaking of diet, they do provide a menu plan where you can choose what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the options available.  I love how food is served on a plate with a cover so you're guaranteed to eat a clean and hot meal.  I swear, every plate I had tasted delicious like it was ordered from a restaurant, not to mention, it also looked like a gourmet 5-course meal!  Your visiting guests and family members won't go hungry as well for the hospital has several cafes and restaurant where they can dine.  They also have the option to order food from the in-house caterer and have it delivered to your room for convenience!

5.  Facilities are superb!  Did I mention they do have a pianist, a harpist, and a cellist in the lobby area (because they believe that music helps with healing)?  Ah, just like you, I was totally impressed too!  Aside from that, they also have vending machines that serve hot and cold drinks for free, a play area where you can play Wii, and a luxurious VIP lounge.  Indeed, a world-class hospital that's hard to beat!

* Original photo courtesy of @annedefinedanne

* Photos above are courtesy of @burjeel.official

What I didn't like:  Nothing really!  So I guess it's obvious that I'm biased about loving this health facility!

Our health insurance pretty much did a great job, too, for they covered all the expenses associated with my inpatient care.  The only thing we paid for was the AED 90 (Php 1250) copayment for my ER treatment.  Not bad for a 2-day hospital confinement, right?

Anyway, we're finally back to our home sweet home already.  I was discharged yesterday afternoon but my OB strictly advised me to stay on bed rest to avoid another bleeding episode.  I hope that you continue to pray with us for the good health our baby and my safe pregnancy.  Thank you!

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