The Long Wait is Over!

March 26, 2017

Finally found the motivation to write something again on this blog!  I know, I've been on hiatus for several weeks now, it's just that I've been busy working on a small project -- our family's travel photo books!  Ronnie actually got three discounted Photobook vouchers from Groupon which will be expiring soon, so I had no choice but to redeem them before they're due.  Meaning, I had to complete the layout and design of three photo books within a short period of time.  It's very time-consuming, but the finished output was absolutely worth it! 

What's even more interesting is, I recently discovered that the Metrodeal vouchers of Photobook Philippines are, in fact, way more affordable compared to the discounted Abu Dhabi Groupon vouchers of Photobook Emirates.  Like for the 40-page 8x11in Medium Portrait Imagewrap Standard Hardcover from Photobook Philippines, we paid only PHP 949 compared to AED 95 or PHP 1298 cost of the same book from Photobook Emirates.  The difference all boils down to the shipping fee -- since Photobooks are shipped from Malaysia, it's obviously cheaper to deliver to neighboring countries like the Philippines!  Such a great deal, isn't it?  How I wish they also have special vouchers for a home recording studio (similar to this focusrite scarlett 2i4, check it out at so we could get Ronnie his ultimate wishlist without breaking the bank.

What a very lengthy introduction, or should I say, explanation of my absence in the blogosphere world!  Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you guys are two great news for my family.. are you excited!?!  Here they go:  (1) we finally got the PR visa we've been waiting for since December of last year!!! and (2) we are soon going to be a family of four already!!!  Yep, we're four weeks pregnant as of this posting, but we haven't visited our OB yet, so you can consider this a premature pregnancy announcement.  Nevertheless, we are so happy and grateful for all the blessings our little family has been enjoying right now!  With regards to where we're planning to migrate, you'll eventually learn about it sooner.  For the mean time, if it's not too much to ask, I would like to request for you to join us in prayer for the good health and safety of our little munchkin.  Thank you!!!

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