7 Fun and Exciting Indoor Activities To Try This Summer

March 29, 2017

Abu Dhabi has been experiencing a gloomy weather the past few days, but today, the clouds are clear and the sun has finally shone.  I guess, this day officially marks the beginning of summer and soon, we'll eventually find ourselves roasting in the 40+ degree temperature of the Middle East.  Our relatives from the Philippines are also saying that they, too, have started to encounter the country's dry season. So yeah, the HEAT IS ON, indeed!

(Trivia:  Did you know that before Glenn Frey's "The Heat is On" hit song became popular, a song with the exact same title had already made it big in the music industry in the 70's?  Yep, it's by the group of ernie isley, check it out at MusiciansFriend.com, who also sang the famous "Twist and Shout" that later became a sensational cover of the Beatles.)

It is without a doubt that summer is the perfect time to hit the beach.  Except, of course, when you are living in the desert, where the temperature can go as high as 43 degrees celsius.  In that case, swimming or sunbathing, or any kind of outdoor activity is definitely not recommended.  Hence, it is during these times when we hibernate and do things indoors instead. 

Here are a few indoor activities that you and your family can enjoy this summer:

1.  Go Ice Skating
Would there be any better way to beat the summer heat than to play with ice and snow?  Get that skates on and experience winter in an indoor ski resort like Ski Dubai, located in one of the world's largest shopping malls, Mall of the Emirates.  Winter clothing, ski and snowboard equipment are already included in their admission fee.  (Image courtesy of http://www.luxurydreamhotels.com)

2.  Visit an aquarium and underwater zoo
Isn't it nice to go on an underwater adventure and witness the impressive marine life with your own eyes without the hassle of being sunburned?  Sounds too good to be true, right?  But it's actually possible through Dubai Aquarium's massive underwater tunnel and acrylic panel viewing platforms!  In addition, they also offer scuba and cage diving to glass bottom boat rides and shark encounters, perfect for the more adventurous type.  (Image courtesy of http://www.ruebarue.com)

3.  Get your heart pumping through Ferrari World's exhilarating rides
A whole day in the world's first ever Ferrari-branded theme park may not be enough to satisfy the daredevil in you, for this fully air-conditioned amusement haven is a home to plenty of thrill rides, state-of-the-art simulators, live shows, and inspiring racing memorabilia that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy!

4.  Have an action-packed day at Adventure Zone
Feeling a little bit athletic?  Why not give Yas Mall's Adventure Zone a try?  It's the city's newest indoor adventure park that allows thrill-seekers to get a taste of the outdoors  (wall climbing, zip lines, high and low rope courses, and exploring caves) in an indoor setting while being supervised by trained specialists.  Cool!  (Image courtesy of http://www.yasmall.ae)

5.  Bounce in trampolines
Both kids and kids at heart will find themselves breathless in the city's biggest trampoline playground.  Apart from their fifty interconnected trampolines, the Bounce also has a zip line, a forty meter 70-degree slide, and a quick drop -- making this place not suitable for the faint-hearted.  (Image courtesy of https://arabiannotes.com)

6.  Defy gravity at Ifly
Are you dreaming of skydiving but are too chicken to jump out of a plane?  Rejoice!  For Ifly Dubai's double vertical wind tunnel can make your ultimate dream of flying and free falling come true!  Children as young as three are also welcome to try this one of a kind experience.  It's definitely perfect for the whole family!  (Image courtesy of http://www.iflyworld.com)

7.  Play sports 
Indoor games like badminton, table tennis, billiards, bowling, etc. are just as fun and exciting as the other sports that you can play in an open field!  Right, Rafa?!

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