Rose Garden Hotel (Dubai, UAE)

November 03, 2016

One of the many things I love about the UAE is their long list of public holidays (especially the Eid Al Fitr and the Eid Al-Adha, which are oftentimes celebrated for three or more consecutive days) that my family and I get to enjoy from time to time.  Long holidays like these are perfect for family bonding, staycations or even International travels (if you do have the extra budget) to give you that much-needed break from work.  Just last September 30th, our Muslim brothers and sisters celebrated the New Hijri Year, which meant another long weekend for everyone in the workforce and another staycation opportunity for our family too!

Since it's a holiday and most, if not all, five-star hotels were pretty expensive to book, my dear husband, who is well known for being a frugal spender, decided to simply look for a reasonably priced hotel-apartment with outstanding customer reviews.  Luckily, we found Rose Garden Hotel Apartments, a four-star property located in Bur Dubai, just behind the Burjuman Mall.

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#ReinventYourKitchen by making it a lot safer for you and your family - just like this fully equipped kitchen by Rose Garden Hotel.  Aside from a standard fire extinguisher, they also have a fire blanket installed on the kitchen wall.  We were totally impressed!  Perhaps, cabinets/ drawer guides with locks would be of great help too in childproofing a kitchen like this. (You may find it a little bit of an overkill, though. But as a parent, it's always better to be safe than sorry, right?)

Although Rose Garden Hotel Apartments, obviously, cannot compete with the lavish and luxurious facilities and amenities offered by renowned five-star hotels in the UAE, I must say that overall, it's still a good choice.  Let me tell you why:

Firstly, its location alone makes it an absolute winner already (at least in our opinion).  Why?  Because Burjuman Mall, which is just a few steps away, has JOLLIBEE - a famous Filipino fast food restaurant that every 'kabayan' loves. However, in case you don't really care about Jollibee, then I suppose, the accessibility and convenience of having a nearby shopping mall, which has everything you need, is definitely a plus!

Secondly, their hotel suite is very spacious (our two-bedroom suite was approximately 110 square meters) and it's fully furnished too!  Hence, you get to have your own living room, dining area, and fully equipped kitchen!  It's highly recommended especially for tourists who are planning to have an extended stay in Dubai but are on a tight budget.

Thirdly, they have complete facilities and amenities like a rooftop pool, a modern gym, and a sauna.  Each room is also provided with bath towels, slippers, toiletries, and everything that you might possibly need.  Did I mention there's a complimentary wifi too? 

Lastly, they do have a satisfactory customer service!  The check-in process was a breeze and hassle free.  Also, just a few minutes after we've settled in our suite, a hotel staff came knocking on our door with a complimentary fruit platter, biscuits, and drinking water.  He also brought with him several brochures of different restaurants where we can order food.  How awesome is that!?!

It is without a doubt that my family and I had a great experience with them.  No wonder they do have very good customer reviews (8.5 out of 10) in Some five-star hotels which cost a lot more may have an even lower customer satisfaction rating, making it not really worth every penny at all! 

If you are the type who's not very much after sophistication and luxury but highly prioritizes location, customer service, cleanliness, comfort, and most especially, value for money, then Rose Garden Hotel is the best accommodation for you!  Trust me, it's certainly one of the best value hotels you'll ever find in Dubai! 

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