Our Little Bible Bearer

November 16, 2016

If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, perhaps, you have already seen my son's photo and video when he walked down the aisle as a bible bearer to a friend's wedding last week. 

Pardon me for posting the same grainy, low-quality photo here on my blog.  I just can't help but feel proud of my son's shining moment!  (Oh my, I'm starting to become that annoying momma!)  Again, I apologize.  But please understand, for a toddler, in his terrible two's, to be able to walk (unaccompanied) to the altar while being surrounded by complete strangers is already a BIG achievement for parents like us.  Indeed, my husband and I were very pleased with our son for doing such an amazing job!

It was Rafa's first time to be part of a wedding entourage, so we didn't know what to expect.  To be honest, both Ronnie and I were actually a bit worried that our son might just not cooperate on that special day -- you know, toddler issues!  Nevertheless, we still made sure to orient and prepare Rafa for his role as a bible bearer.

For several weeks, Rafa and I practiced walking from point A to point B with a bible at hand.  However, instead of walking slowly, my hyperactive toddler would always run like as if he's in an Olympic marathon.  It's crazy!!!  It's a good thing we arrived early at the church on the day of the wedding and had few minutes to rehearse one last time. 

The processional was breath-taking, at least on my part as a stage-mom.  Lol!  Thankfully, Rafa had been very obedient and cooperative -- he walked slowly toward the altar and even paused for a while to smile at every camera that he saw!  What a clever boy!  Haha!

Here are some of our photos during the event:

It was definitely a successful first wedding appearance for our little Rafa!  Surely, this event will forever be etched in my and my husband's memory! 

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