The Untold Story of How I Met the Man of My Prayers

October 27, 2016

Whenever I reconnect with friends from HS or college, the question I'm almost always asked is: "How did you and your husband meet?" Because of this, I decided it would be best and timely (for our fourth wedding anniversary) to write a blog entry that would sort of 'reminisce' our love story.  So for all the curious souls out there, this post is for you!

My husband and I first met in November 2009 in Abu Dhabi, UAE through my tita's officemate, Kuya Alan, who also happened to be Ronnie's supervisor in his first job as an engineer in the Philippines.  Contrary to what most people think, Ron and I didn't really have anything special back then.  I cannot even classify us as friends because we never really talked to each other. In fact, I even thought he had this feeling of aversion toward me because of the weird way he looked at me (like as if he finds me as someone who's sooo maarte).

We were merely acquaintances.  I guess, that's the most accurate word to describe our relationship.  Hence, the idea of "him-liking-me" was just absolutely ridiculous and totally close to impossible.  At least, in my opinion.

Apparently, my husband had a different point of view regarding this matter.  Every time he encounters the same question, he would often reply with: "Matagal na kami magkakilala pero hindi ko sya pinapansin."  (It was like as if nagpapa-pansin ako sa kanya.. duh!?!)  Well, the message that he was really trying to get across was, "I actually liked her ever since we first met, but she's already taken so I chose not to be close to her anymore."  

I was indeed in a relationship with someone else during those times thus, he never bothered to confess.  However, the universe seemed to have its own way of putting everything in its proper place -- I had to come back to the Philippines (because of visa issues), but instead of having a happy disposition for being able to reunite with my loved ones, I ended up being broken.  And just like any other normal person who has loved and lost, I grieved.  

It was only when I have decided to pick myself up, move forward, and choose to be happy on my own that destiny made its way for Ronnie and me to meet once more.  And this time, our relationship finally progressed from being mere acquaintances to good friends.

Four months later, my husband, who had lost his sanity, quit his job in Abu Dhabi and came home to settle in the Philippines. (I never got the chance to return to UAE.)  Eventually, we became a couple and in less than two years, we got married and began our happily ever after as Mrs and Mrs!

Others may have found my decision to marry too rushed.  But in my opinion, there's actually no sense to delay marriage if you know for yourself that you've found "the one."  I've been through a long-term relationship before, so I know when something doesn't feel right.  Believe me, the length of time/years that you spend in a relationship cannot and would not make things any better as long as you are staying with the wrong person.

So, how did I know Ronnie's the right one?  Two words:  Divine Intervention.  As much as I hate to sound corny and old fashioned, that's reality.  I prayed for my future husband since I was 16.  I asked for (3) signs and nine years later, all those signs simultaneously appeared right before my very eyes while I was hearing Sunday Mass with Ronnie.  He is, without a doubt, the answer to my prayers!  

Now, let me ask you this:  If you were in my shoes and the man of your prayers asked you to marry him, would you say No?  I bet not!  And that, my dear friends, is the exact reason why we are celebrating today!  

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary, my love!

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