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October 29, 2016

guitar, storybook, bowling

Can you believe we're almost half-way through the last quarter of 2016 already?  Time really flies!  A few more weeks to go and my son will soon be turning three.  Finally, we have survived the dreaded stage of "terrible twos!"

Rafa has already started asking his never-ending "why" questions a few months ago, though.  It's crazy!!!  But I'm trying my best to enjoy him as much as I could because I know, it won't be long enough before he would officially begin schooling.  Oh my, I don't think I'll ever be ready for that day!  *separation anxiety issues*

On a separate note, I know I haven't been posting real-time photos on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, which makes me a really bad blogger!  But, hey!  At least, I'm not the annoying kind who's constantly on her phone!  

Anyway, today's post is about Rafa's most favorite things -- these are the most recent photos that I can share, fresh from the camera.  As you might notice, my son's right hand is covered with a bandage.  Unfortunately, he got into an accident a few days ago which demanded an ER visit.  (He accidentally lacerated his middle and ring finger after holding onto a sharp edge of our kitchen sink, which we were unaware of until this incident happened.) It was really heart-breaking!  Nevertheless, we are positive that his fingers will be completely healed soon.  And hopefully, there would be no more ER trips for our family in the future!

I'm talking too much again!  Thus, the very lengthy intro!  Anyhow, here are a few of the things that my toddler has been loving for quite some time now:

1.  MUSIC.  Ah!  This one is not only his favorite, I guess he's in love with it too -- just like his dad.  Rafa loves playing the guitar, flute, piano, and any other musical instrument that he can get hold of.  He also loves to sing -- he even makes up his own lyrics and sings them into his chosen melody, lol!  His taste in music is just probably a little bit unusual for his age though because the songs that he prefers are mostly 'oldies' like My Special Angel by Bobby Vinton (if you haven't seen his video singing this song, click here), Baby's in Black by The Beatles and even the Japanese Voltes Five theme song!  

Obviously, his choice of music was greatly influenced by his dad!  (Would you believe I'm actually listening to Elvis Presley's Wonderful World, the one written by guy fletcher and doug flett, as I write this blog post?)  I suppose, that's what you call the "Ronnie Phenomenon!" Lol!

2.  BOOKS.  One of Rafa's most favorite hobbies that I am really grateful for is reading.  I think this was probably the result of our habit of reading him short stories back when he was just a few months old.  At the age of two, he's already the one constantly bugging me to read him books.  And whenever I cannot do what he wants (because I have to attend to other household chores), he would often tell his momma with a very sad facial expression, "Sad Rafa because no read book."  He's really that adorable!  Well, I hope he'd still love reading until he grows older.  

3.  BOWLING.  Again, his love for this sport is largely influenced by his dad.  He's been attending Ronnie's bowling tournament ever since he can remember.  Also, Rafa's in that stage where in he likes to imitate everything that he sees, no wonder he wanted to become a bowler too!  The only problem is, he easily gets frustrated when he can't hit the pins... so this!  

With a ball as huge as this, who wouldn't score a strike?  Haha!

That's basically it!  I hope you did enjoy Rafa's photos!  Will try my best to work on a few more backlogs, so I can share more recent stories on this blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

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