Fridays with Dabarkads

September 24, 2016

"Thank God it's Friday."

Here in Abu Dhabi, Friday is observed by our Muslim brothers and sisters as "a day of rest and prayer."  However, for Filipino migrants, like us, Friday simply means "a day off from work" or basically a time dedicated to leisure and recreation.

For my little family, Friday equates to spending an afternoon of fun and excitement at Khalifa International Bowling Center (Zayed Sports City), where the Filipino bowling enthusiast group "Dabarkads" holds their tournaments.

My dearest husband, Ronnie, is one of the pioneers of this group when it was first established in 2009.  Back then, he was still a young OFW who just arrived in Abu Dhabi, looking for some company to escape the feeling of emptiness caused by being far away from home.

My two-year-old toddler actively participated during the parade of uniforms

Throwback photo:  Full support of daddy Ronnie's bowling career (Rafa's only 10 months old)

Our little family during the Dabarkads 14th Season Awarding "Neon Party"

Proud member of Dabarkads since 2009

My future bowler.. following his dad's footsteps

Abu Dhabi Dabarkads conducts regular bowling and badminton tournaments every year -- a friendly game which does not only hone a person's talents and skills in terms of sports (let's support the theory of multiple intelligences), but also allows its members to gain new friends and have a valuable support group.   

Apart from tournaments, Abu Dhabi Dabarkads also holds an awarding ceremony at the end of each season to recognize their outstanding players/teams.  Ah, this event is something I actually look forward to, not just because of the prizes and awards that are being given away, but also because of the fun shared by its members.  In addition, what makes it even more interesting is the fact that every awards night is celebrated with a specific "theme" in mind, which in turn dictates the dress code of the participants.  And of course, those people whose attire/costume stands out among the rest are given a #quicktrophy for being the #winner of "the best dressed" award. 

Just like many other contests, the winners of this tournament may had been handed  cheap plaques and trophies that were not as expensive as the statuettes celebrities get from the Oscars or the medals athletes get from the Olympics.  Nevertheless, I'm pretty certain it's just as valuable and priceless because it does not only represent an achievement resulting from passion and hard work but more importantly, it serves as a remembrance of the people who had become our family away from home.

Having experienced how it's like to be an OFW at a young age of 23, I must say that I do understand how sad it feels to live far from your loved ones and I also know just how important it is to have a support group that would make you feel you're not alone in this foreign land.  Thankfully, there's Dabarkads!  Now, there's no more reason for our fellow Filipinos to feel lonely in Abu Dhabi!  

***Photos are taken from the official facebook page of Abu Dhabi Dabarkads.

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