Walking Around The Streets of Rome

May 17, 2016

After blogging about the two most important attractions that you shouldn't miss in Rome (Colosseo and Vatican) and after writing about 5 more must visit places in Italy's capital, I have finally come to my last post to conclude our family's travel adventure of this awe-inspiring Eternal City. 

No, I won't be talking about more tourist spots on this blog entry.  You've probably had enough of that.  Instead, I will be showing you around the streets of Rome -- to give you a glimpse of how the metropolis looks like.

Rome is a beautiful city that will make you feel like you've traveled back in time.  Its streets are mostly made of cobblestones, which made the place look all the more ancient and historic.  Unlike Vigan's famous Calle Crisologo, which had been closed to all kinds of traffic, Rome's uneven streets are also the very same road used by the motorists.  So I was really surprised how they were able preserve and maintain such charming thoroughfares up to this modern age.  On second thought, I guess I shouldn't be wondering at all because it's very obvious that both the Romans and Italians had been widely respected in the field of engineering and architecture.

Apart from their cobblestone streets, you would also find their churches and buildings very impressive.  Honestly speaking, they've got the most breathtaking churches I've ever seen in my entire lifetime!  And their buildings, oh my goodness!  Even the ordinary ones look extraordinary because of its intricate details!  No wonder Italian architects are highly in-demand around the world!  

The only weird thing I noticed here is that they don't seem to have even a single shopping mall in the city.  I'm not quite certain if they actually do have one.  Nevertheless, shopaholics need not to fret, for they can still have that shop-til-you-drop experience on what they call "shopping neighborhood."  It's basically a street where a building's ground level was turned into a commercial space to house the famous Italian brands such as Zara, Armani Exchange, Benetton, etc.  Hence, the term "window shopping" was coined, because consumers literally look/shop for products from the store's actual window.

Since shopping malls aren't very popular in this place, expect most of their restaurants to be lining up the streets as well.  Sidewalks in this place have been pretty much converted into a restaurant's extension, where tables and chairs are filled with several dining customers -- so literally, you will be eating on the streets!  However, that doesn't imply that what you will be served is a street food.  No!  No!  No!  While it is a given fact that your table may be occupying a street's pavement, whose ambiance is evidently far from a fine dining restaurant, what you'll most likely be offered would be an authentic Italian dish or in simpler terms, the best tasting pizza and pasta in the whole wide world!!!

Walking around the city isn't only fascinating, it's totally entertaining too!  Musicians, singers, painters, magicians, etc. are scattered everywhere, performing live to entertain tourists.  In my humble opinion, these people are the ones keeping the streets of Rome alive!   Without them, this place would have become really boring, so please do try to give these folks a tip whenever you find yourself entertained by their talents.  They deserve it!

Without a doubt, Rome's beauty is incomparable to any other cities in the world, making it, indeed, a must visit place when in Europe!

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