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April 01, 2016

After 2 years and four months, I was able to finally come up with a compilation of Rafa's baby photos!  I know, this project was long overdue already.  Actually, I had been working on it in for a couple of months now (you know it's not easy to pick a few photos from thousands of images we have in our hard disk), but I was not able to finish it right away because of my and my husband's indecision of whether or not we should go for a Photobook.

Photobooks have become increasingly popular since the birth of digital photography.  Hence, you might probably think that our indecision of how the photos should be presented is, in fact, pointless.  Well, to be honest, our main issue here, really, was to choose an output that's MOST cost-effective.  Obviously, we were a bit hesitant to order a Photobook because it isn't cheap.

You know, my husband is the most "kuripot" person I've known in my entire lifetime!  For him, having the means to afford something does not necessary mean we are entitled to carelessly splurge on our purchases.  He is a frugal spender, which is totally fine with me because I'm a certified "kuripot" too -- at least we're on the same page when it comes to managing our finances.  

So, we initially thought it would be a better option to have Rafa's photos printed in the Philippines, since photo printing services are way cheaper in our home country.  However, we eventually realized that it wouldn't be practical to carry hundreds of photos in our luggage because it would weigh too much and we only have a very limited baggage allowance.  Hence, the baby photo album project never materialized.

Good thing I chanced upon a voucher of Photobook Emirates via the Groupon Abu Dhabi website, which provided a $69.99 discount for a 40-page 11 x 8.5 in Medium Landsape Imagewrap Hardcover.  The regular price of this medium sized phonebook was $81.99 or AED 300, but it was offered for only $12 or AED 45.  Great deal right?!  Thus, without thinking twice, I purchased the coupon, worked on Rafa's photobook, and viola! Here's the final output!

Photobook Emirates
11" x 8.5" Medium Landsape Imagewrap Hardcover (40 pages)

Photobook Emirates
Rafa's monthly photos showed how much he had grown in a year's time.

Photobook Emirates
Kids really grow up too fast!  Sounds cliche but 101% true!  I'm glad we've captured as much photos during this period because I'm pretty certain we'll miss Rafa's infancy stage.

Photobook Emirates
The front and back cover.  I chose to have a simple and minimalist album cover because as they say, "Less is more!"

Isn't it gorgeous?  I personally love Rafa's photobook!  It's clean, it looks neat, the printed photos are of high-quality, and most of all, the service is fast -- it took them only 6 days to deliver the personalized book at our doorstep!

I was impressed!  And I believe my husband shared the same sentiment too, because he told me to get another one for documenting our upcoming family trip.  Anyway, this is definitely not going to be the last time we'll order a photobook to keepsake our family's happy memories.

Kudos to Photobook Emirates for a job well done!  

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