Personalized Baptismal Candles

February 13, 2016

Personalized Baptismal/ Dedication Candles

"The baptismal candle is a symbol of the light of Christ which is coming into the child’s life.  It is presented to the baptized, held by the father or a godparent during the remainder of the ceremony. The presentation of light represents how the newly baptized will become a son or daughter of 'the light.'"     -- Sacred Heart Owatonna 

Ever since I have written this post about my son's Christening souvenirs, I already started to receive inquiries from several people asking if we can make the same personalized baptismal candles for them.  And I would always reply with: "Sorry, but we do not actually make personalized candles for sale."  

That was until Father Dominic, a priest who I have never even met before, sent me a personal message and earnestly requested for my help to make the same personalized baptismal candle for his niece's Christening.  How do you turn down a priest who's asking you a favor?  I don't know either.  Lol!  So to cut the long story short, Father Dominic got the personalized candles that he was asking for.  He was happy.  I was happy.  And I'm pretty sure, the parents and godparents of the baptized were happy to receive such special souvenir as well.  

It was Father Dominic who made me realize that a candle is indeed a great symbol of baptism.  No wonder it is often cherished by the baptized as a symbol of his spiritual birth and it also makes a meaningful souvenir to the godparents as a remembrance of their godchild's special day.  

In line with this, we have decided to finally offer our service of making personalized baptismal candles.  Yes, you read that right!  We are now accepting orders!  

Don't you feel extra special whenever you receive something with your name or initials on it?  I do.  I must admit, even a simple candle like this would instantly become extraordinary for me if it bears my name.  Hence, I strongly believe godparents would feel extra special too if they would see their name printed on your child's baptismal candles.

Personalized Baptismal/ Dedication Candles

Each personalized baptismal candle would have:
- the godparent's name
- the baby's name
- the date of occasion
- the name of the church

Should you find yourself interested with our service, just send us an email via:

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