Baguio Series: Sitio La Presa

February 04, 2016

After having fun on Dinosaurs Island, our family went next to another notable tourist attraction which can also be found in Tuba, Benguet -- S I T I O  L A  P R E S A !

This place was popularized by the hit  teleserye "Forevermore" starred by Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.  Alright, I admit.. I used to watch the soap and I also used to be a fan of the LizQuen love team (that was before JaDine's "On The Wings of Love" even aired).  Call me jologs but that's the truth! I do enjoy following (a few selected) teleseryes simply because it gives me that feeling of "kilig" to witness someone else's love story.  I know, I'm a certified hopeless romantic!  Lol.

Anyway, this fictional strawberry farm in "Forevermore" is actually known locally as Sitio Pungayan in Mount Kabuyao, Tuba Benguet.  Being physically situated on top of a mountain, expect the temperature in the place to be very cold, so make sure to gear yourself with the proper winter attire before going or else you'll end up shivering.

The drop off point for all tourists who wish to visit the place is a bit far, hence we had no choice but walk through a steep street in order to reach Maria Agnes Calay's humble home.  The trek going to Sitio La Presa was fairly easy because it's a downhill road.  What's challenging was the way going back because you really had to do a lot of climbing.  It's hard, especially with a toddler in tow.  We had to take several stops to catch our breath and gather more strength to carry a 23 month old boy who doesn't even want to walk.  

It's a good thing the place provides a breathtaking view of the mountains, at least it made all our efforts to travel here worth it.  

Hay, Anak.. How I wish you had been more cooperative during those times. I'm not complaining though!

There's also a view of a few terraces in the area, giving you a glimpse of how the famous Banaue Rice Terraces would somehow look like.

The famous lover's bench where Xander and Agnes used to share sweet moments.

My brother and his girlfriend portraying Xander and Agnes respectively, lol!  Tourists can get inside the house for a fee of PHP 20.

This huge Saint Bernard dog accidentally bumped into my papa which caused him minor injury from falling.  Good thing he didn't sustain any fractures! (We took this photo for documentation purposes, should my papa develop a symptom which could become a major cause of concern at least we know who to sue.)

We went here last November 2015 (several months after the teleserye had ended), that's why we no longer experienced the heavy traffic jam and the large number of tourists who used to flock the area.  I actually liked it that way -- less crowded, less photo bombers and more privacy!

Overall, I would say that Sitio La Presa is truly a sight to behold!  I love the cold temperature up Mount Kabuyao, the beautiful view of the mountains covered with lush greens (a lot refreshing compared to the crowded Baguio City), and the foggy weather that made me feel like I'm close to heaven.  Indeed, this place is perfect for all nature lovers out there!


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