Baguio Series: Dinosaurs Island

February 01, 2016

Dinosaurs Island Baguio

If I were to name a single tourist attraction in the City of Pines, which my family and I have enjoyed the most, perhaps that would be Baguio Ecopark's Dinosaurs Island.

This amusement park located in Tuba, Benguet is the first ever animatronics theme park in Baguio City.  That means, they make use of robotic devices to make their life-sized dinosaur replicas appear like a real one -- breathing, roaring, and moving!  

As an adult guest, I found their dinosaurs really impressive!  It definitely looked, sounded, and felt like a live creature.  However, these gigantic animals with huge sharp teeth and loud roars can become too scary for toddlers like Rafa.  Hence, they may not enjoy the tour as much as the adults would, and that's totally expected!

Dinosaurs Island Baguio

Being situated on a mountain slope with a breathtaking view of the clear blue skies and mountains covered by lush greens, Dinosaurs Island would definitely make you feel like you've traveled back to the land before time -- just like what you see in the movie series, Jurassic Park, when there's just dinosaurs, nature, and a few people going on a crazy adventure with the dangerous lizard monsters.

This fun and educational tour of the theme park costs PHP 350 per head on a regular rate, but we were able to get it at a 50% discount through an online promotion on the Metrodeal website.  So if you are planning to visit this attraction, I suggest you scout first for similar discounted rates available online.  However, should you not find any, then just pay the regular rate.  I'm pretty certain you'll get the worth of every penny you paid for.  Believe me when I say: Dinosaur Island would not disappoint!

Aside from their realistic dinosaur replicas, I suppose, what made the admission fee worth it was the guided tour provided by their well trained and professional tour guides -- who would not only provide you with a very informative tour of the park, but would also take your group photos!

I would have to commend our tour guide (I forgot his name) for capturing these amazing pictures we had at the park:

Dinosaurs Island Baguio
Everyone was doing the dinosaur pose *roar*

Dinosaurs Island Baguio
Acting like we're being chased by that scary Godzilla on the the background.. I guess, my sister (the one wearing black and white sleeveless dress) won the "best actress" award.. Artista na yan!  Lol!

Dinosaurs Island Baguio
Our cutie little baby

Dinosaurs Island Baguio
At the dinosaur show.. look how scared my little Rafa was!

Dinosaurs Island Baguio
Group picture with the dinosaur mascots.. Who wouldn't get scared of these creatures?

Dinosaurs Island Baguio
Ngiting Tagumpay!!!

After the tour, we were asked by our guide to sit by a covered area where a dinosaur show awaits us.  It was actually a special number of two dinosaur mascots dancing to upbeat songs while attempting to "bite" the audience.  It was fun!  Everyone was laughing and shrieking!  Obviously, all of us (except my son, Rafa, who was crying in fear of the scary dinosaurs trying to bite him) enjoyed the show!  

In conclusion, I would say that this amusement park is indeed a great family destination -- perfect for both the young and young at heart!  However, if there's one thing people might not like in this attraction, I guess, that would be the trail which requires the guests to climb more than a hundred steps in order to reach the first dinosaur.  I personally had a difficult time going up the stairs -- I was catching for my breath and felt like I just couldn't make it anymore!  (I'm not fit, I know!)  Thus, this place is definitely not suitable for the elderly and persons with disabilities.  Nevertheless, if you are generally healthy individuals, I would highly recommend this theme park which you'll surely enjoy! 


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