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February 12, 2016

Our family is a big group (composed of 8 adults and a toddler), so when we went for a vacation in Baguio last November 2015, we opted to rent an apartment instead of checking-in at a hotel because practically speaking, it was the better option for us. 

Aside from the fact that the accommodation rate of transient houses is cheaper, staying in a fully furnished apartment also gave us the opportunity to prepare and cook our own meals -- which is really the way to go if you're after fresher and healthier meals (especially if you have a few members who require a special low fat, low cholesterol, and low purine diet), not to mention it also allows you to cut on cost in terms of food expenses.

We do travel a lot whenever we come home to the Philippines, but it doesn't mean we splurge on these vacations.  Just like any other traveler, we also set aside a reasonable amount for every trip and make sure that we work within that budget.  However, being a budget traveler doesn't necessarily imply always choosing the cheapest or least expensive option.  Of course, we are also after QUALITY.  That is why we make it certain to check and read online reviews first before booking anything.  Good thing there's TripAdvisor -- my most used and abused website when preparing a trip's itinerary.  Actually, this is where I came across Baguio Transient House, an affordable, fully furnished apartment-for-rent in the City of Pines. 

Baguio Transient has a pretty good customer satisfaction ratings (based on online reviews) and spacious apartment units (ideal for big groups) at an affordable rate, which makes them a really great choice among the sea of transient houses available in Baguio City.  In addition, they also offer a combination of van + accommodation packages for a hassle-free tour of the country's summer capital.  

Can you imagine the comfort of having a van service that will pick you up at your doorstep, tour you around Baguio, and drive you back home?  That's ultimate comfort at its finest!  And I personally believe, that kind of service is actually hard to beat!  

I also have to say that the owners Jhoie and Peter were very hands-on in managing their business.  They answered all our email inquiries promptly and the booking process was a breeze as well.  Jhoie even personally welcomed us on the day of our arrival in Baguio and also wished us a safe trip on the day of our departure to Manila.  Isn't that sweet?  

Anyway, let me show you around our unit, which we booked for 4 days and three nights:

Apartment 3 is a cozy 65-square meter unit with 2 bedrooms.  One bedroom has 2 bunk beds, which can accommodate 4 persons while the other bedroom has a double deck bed (bottom: queen size + top: single), which can fit 3 adult guests.  The receiving area also has 1 sofa bed, which can sleep 2 adults.  It has a complete kitchen, hot shower, cable TV, wifi, and BBQ area.  Our unit was very clean, mabango, and fully furnished with everything we needed.  Indeed, it was a home away from home!

What I loved the most:  The place is SUPER clean, they have a fast wifi service, there's an available emergency light in our apartment (in case of power interruption), and they have CCTV installed around the vicinity which makes the place really safe -- a BIG plus for parents like me!

What I didn't like:  Nothing!  However, if there's one thing which I think could be a possible drawback of this transient house, that would be the flight of stairs the people need to climb in order to get to apartments 2, 3, & 4 (located on the second and third level of the building) -- definitely not advisable for the elderly and persons with disability.  Other than that, everything was absolutely perfect!

I know, some of you may be a little hesitant to try transient houses because, perhaps, you may want to try a more luxurious experience.  After all, it's not all the time that you actually get the chance to spend a few days of vacation with your family, right?  I completely understand. Guess what?  Baguio Transient also offers a posh condominium unit and a high end Starex Limousine service, which will definitely satisfy your five-star quality service needs!

Having said all those positive things, I guess, it's pretty obvious that I am one happy and satisfied customer!  So should you and your family/ friends wish to visit Baguio, I highly recommend Jhoie and Peter's award-winning Baguio Transient House (perfect for larger groups)!

For more information about their rates and packages, feel free to check these websites:

***The photos on this blog entry were taken from the official website of Baguio Transient House


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