Baguio Series: Hill Station (One of Baguio's Best Restaurants)

January 22, 2016

Being the only first-timer in Baguio among the group (except for Rafa, of course), I was fortunately given the privilege by my loved ones to choose the place where we would dine.  The first restaurant that I chose, where we had our breakfast was an ultimate fail!  (Allow me not to talk about it in detail anymore because doing so might just ruin its reputation and the credibility of my choices as well.  Lol!)

Despite our unpleasant breakfast experience, my very forgiving family, who kept on making fun of my awful taste, had been gracious enough to STILL allow me choose the next restaurant where we would spend our lunch.  I was disappointed for failing on my first pick so I told myself, "Better make a good choice this time or else you would have to deal with all the teasing your entire life!"  

I felt pressured as I carefully check the list of restaurants on my itinerary.  I need one that would help redeem myself!  With my fingers crossed, I chose TripAdvisor's number 1 restaurant in Baguio City -- HILL STATION.  After all, I was thinking, this restaurant would not rank first for nothing, right?

Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City

Located at the ground level of Casa Vallejo, a century old house converted into a bed and breakfast accommodation along Session Road, Hill Station is considered as one of Baguio's most renowned restaurants.  Its interior is of an old American design with curved staircases, big and wide windows, polished hardwood floors, and walls decorated by vintage photos.  It is classic and elegant, yet homey.  The ambiance of this place alone already made me sense the sweet smell of my victory and redemption!  

Aside from its undeniably gorgeous furnishing and the cozy atmosphere it gives to the guests, I must say that I have appreciated very much the restaurant's wide array of international cuisines which include the diverse flavors of Asia, Europe, and America.  In addition, I also liked the freshly baked complimentary bread along with the olive oil and dukka dip that they served on our table while we were waiting for our order.

Anyway, here are the dishes that we had for lunch:

Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Paella Valenciana for four (PHP 775)

Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Seafood Carbonara (PHP 340) -- fresh seafood and fettucine in a light cream sauce

Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Spaghetti Bolognese (PHP 280) -- homemade tomato sauce, ground beef, and mushrooms

Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Cambodian Coriander and Garlic Chicken (PHP 380) -- marinated overnight, charbroiled and served with rice

Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Mahi-Mahi Fillet with Green Masala (PHP 340) -- steamed in banana leaves and coconut cream, aromatic tomato chutney, saffron rice

Everything that we ordered tasted good and had a generous serving size that's good enough for sharing.  Food came in fast and their staffs were professional as well.  I just found their rates a bit pricey though (there's a 10% service charge that would be added to the bill).  Nonetheless, the excellent food, ambiance, and service at Hill Station will definitely give you your money's worth!

In conclusion, I would say that our family had a pretty awesome dining experience in this place!  (I had been successful in redeeming myself, lol!)  So in case you find yourself not knowing where to eat in Baguio, I would highly recommend the no fail Hill Station along Session Road!  It's certainly worth the try!

Hill Station Restaurant, Baguio City
Just in case you were wondering where Rafa was in this photo, he's actually under the nursing cover, breastfeeding.


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