Thoughts of a Happy Momma's New Home!

October 25, 2015

Welcome to Thoughts of a Happy Momma's new home!  

I hope you like its new look!  It actually took me several weeks of redesigning before I was able to finally convince myself that this is exactly the way I wanted my blog to look like -- clean, simple, and fresh.

I have been blogging for a little over a year already, but it was only last month when I realized how my simple blogger template looked so generic and too blogger-ish, so I thought maybe it's just about time to give it its badly needed makeover.

At first, tried to inquire for a blog makeover service from several professional web designers, but the price quoted for me was just too steep at $200.  The very 'kuripot' side of me knows that I won't be happy either to spend such amount no matter how perfect the outcome would be.  So, I decided to... guess what?!? Do-it-myself!

I read different tutorials on how to customize a blogger template which eventually helped me come up with a minimalist theme in light blue color scheme.  (It was only during these times when I was redesigning my blog that I was able to finally realize what my favorite color was.  Lol!)  However, just when I thought I was already done with the makeover, I realized that my blog didn't look as good when viewed in mobile -- it didn't show the customized template at all!  That's the time I learned about responsive templates and told myself I NEED my blog's design to be responsive.

A responsive web design, according to Wikipedia, is a design wherein the layout automatically adapts to the size of the screen where it is viewed. 

In a world where almost everyone uses a smart phone to access the internet, responsive web design is indeed the way to go in order to give your readers the best viewing experience, which means readable text sizes and easy navigation with minimum resizing, scrolling, and panning.  And since I've already invested so much time with this blog, I guess that it's just right for me to give my readers (if in case I have one) the awesomest experience when visiting Thoughts of a Happy Momma.

It's a good thing I found Michael Angelo Cobo of, who advised me that it would be wiser in terms of time and money to just get a ready made responsive template for my blog (instead of converting the existing design to a responsive one) and have it customized according to my preferred color scheme.  So even if that meant all my DIY customization will be put to waste, I just had to give it a go so I can have a mobile friendly blog.   

Since I'm totally naive of HTML codes, I decided to leave all the work to the hands of the expert.  So Michael worked my blog's responsive web design and did the migration of my blog from blogspot to this new domain (at a very affordable price).  And when I say affordable, it really is sooo cheap you would even get shy to pay him the exact amount he quoted for you.  In that case, you can always choose to be generous and just give him extra tip for being such an angel to low profile bloggers, like me, who just won't spend $200 for a blog makeover.  He really is such an easy person to work with and very much professional.  So if in case you wish to get your blog a new design, just contact him on this link

If you have been a regular follower of this blog, perhaps, you might have noticed also that apart from its new responsive design, Thoughts of a Happy Momma has also got a new url or web address.  Thanks to my very supportive husband, who actually suggested that I should get my own domain!  Don't you just love husbands like him who always seem to know how to make their wife happy?  I guess, I should change the name of this blog to Thoughts of a Happy Wife!  Lol!  Kidding aside, what I'm really trying to say is that -- love is in the little things (like being supportive of your spouse's passion), not in grand gestures.  So allow me to acknowledge Ronnie for being that kind of husband.  Thank you so much for all the love and support, daddy!  Naka 1 million pogi points ka na naman!!!  Indeed, there's a truth in the saying "A happy wife makes a happy family life."

And to you, who's reading this post:  Thank you for dropping by and for choosing to spend some of your precious time on my blog.  You are the main reason for this blog makeover project, because I want you to feel welcomed in my new home and I'd like to make sure  that you'll have an awesome experience whenever you visit Thoughts of a Happy Momma.  Enjoy your stay and I do hope you'll come back again!

P.S.  If in case you find some technical difficulty with the blog's new features, please do let me know by commenting on this post or shoot me an email at, so we can work on it.  I would really love to hear your feedback!  Thanks!

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