An Hour of Fun and Learning at Little World UAE

October 20, 2015

A friend of ours gave Rafa free passes for an hour of play-based learning in Little World UAE, a fun discovery center at Nation Towers along Corniche Road.  I was not really familiar with this kids' amusement center, but since we got a free coupon, I thought perhaps we could give it a try.  

We have been living here in Abu Dhabi for almost three years already, but this was the only time we got the chance to set foot in this mall, hence we had to ask the information desk for the amusement center's location.  Apparently, it's located on the second floor, next to the cinemas -- a strategic place perfect to drop off kids, 4 years old and above, while mom and dad catch up some quality time by going on a movie date.

Kids who were "checked-in" by their parents in Little World were assigned a staff to look after them, so parents can have peace of mind in terms of their child's safety.  (I believe they are maintaining a reasonable staff to child ratio, because from what I observed, each staff was assigned a maximum of two kids to look after. I'm not quite sure about that, though.  Maybe, what I'm just trying to say is that the kids are really well taken cared of in this place).  On the other hand, children 3 years and under cannot be "checked-in" and have to be accompanied by their guardian or caregiver while in the discovery center. You know, TODDLERS (n.) -- "an emotionally unstable, pint-sized dictator with the uncanny ability to know exactly how far to push you towards utter insanity before reverting to a lovable cuddle monster."  I guess that pretty much explains the rationale for such policy.  Lol.

A few rules and regulations for the kids are posted at the discovery center's entrance gate.

Little World UAE is a one of a kind amusement center where kids can have fun playing while learning at the same time.  The venue is divided into a number of discovery zones which gives children different learning experiences.

The first discovery zone that would welcome you upon entering Little World is their LITTLE VILLAGE where you and your kids can role-play in their mini baqala, school, doctor's clinic, house, and cafe.

It's very obvious from the photos above that Rafa was not the only one who enjoyed role-playing in the Little Village.  My husband and I were as equally excited and ecstatic too!  Di kaya namin na experience maglaro sa ganito kagandang amusement center. Lol! 

This place is really nice and I'm pretty sure that aside from the kids, parents would also love how learning can be so  much fun, especially in their KINETIC EXHIBIT ZONE where you'll see colorful pompom balls roll along transparent tubes and soar through the air.  It's so cool, my husband and I end up playing with Rafa and other kids as well!

Next to the Kinetic Exhibit Zone is a large scale indoor composite playground equipment where older kids can climb frames, slides, tunnels, etc.  On the contrary, smaller children like Rafa can move and play safely in their childproofed TOT SPOT discovery zone.

Kids who love dressing up, wearing costumes, and acting in small plays will surely love to perform on this STAGE THEATRE.

The CREATION STATION has a lot of resource materials that's perfect for anyone who has a keen passion for arts and crafts.

Rafa loves painting and playing with different colors, so it's no longer a surprise for us to find him sitting in front of an easel with a blank paper on it and started painting something that seemed like an abstract masterpiece.

Beside the Creation Station stands a huge ENCHANTED TREE HOUSE that's specially designed to accommodate both kids and adults so that parents can join their children climb upstairs and play puppets or read a book.

Among the different discovery zones in Little World, I guess the WATER EXPLORATIONS area is Rafa's ultimate favorite.  He loves playing with water, especially during bath time where he gets the opportunity to bathe in the tub with all his floating baby bath toys.  So just imagine his excitement when he saw this indoor water play zone filled with boats, balls, and different toys.  Oh, my!  He almost never wanted to leave this part of the discovery center!

The second level of the discovery center houses two function rooms for hosting kiddie parties, a BUILDER'S ZONE where children can get physical by building large blocks into a car, house, or anything that they like, and a DARK SENSORY ROOM where kids can relax in a calm environment while looking at several bubble light tubes that change color as you press its control buttons.

Little World UAE is indeed a great place for fun and learning.  They also host enrichment field trips, birthday parties, and onsite classes, such as MinecraftEDU Coding and Robotics.  For rates and further information, you may visit their website at or email or call 02 681 8824.

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