A Family Affair at Delma Park

May 18, 2015

Ever since Rafael officially became a toddler and learned how to walk on his own, he started to turn into a more curious little creature who would always point on things to communicate what he wants.  This pointing attitude had been a big help for us to understand more the things that he likes and eventually made us notice that he would often point to a door as if he wants to say "mommy, lets go out!" Then I realized my son has really grown a lot in that one year span of time.

When he was still a few months younger, he would happily enjoy just crawling around and playing in his room.  He was already contented staying inside that small room full of colorful posters and cute baby toys.  However, a day came when he decided that he doesn't want to just stay inside his playroom anymore.  He started crawling around the house exploring every corner of each room.  Then he learned how to walk on his own and started invading even the kitchen and bathroom area!  Eventually, he realized that our house was no longer as interesting as it used to be, so he decided he wanted to go out of the house and discover a bigger and more exciting environment.

We knew we had to respond to Rafa's changing needs.  So every afternoon, after my husband gets home from work, we take the little man to the park where he can run and play until he gets tired.  (I don't actually know if he really gets tired.  Maybe what I was trying to say is that we allow him to play in the park until my husband and I are both tired of  chasing him.  I guess, that's more accurate.)

I believe we have already been to all parks within the city.  That is because we used to go to different parks before until we discovered Delma Park.  For me, this park is "love at first sight."  I love it for several reasons:  free parking, free entrance, clean restrooms, fitness area has several gym equipments which can be used for free; and they have a playground especially designed for toddlers (1-3 y/o).

Just by looking at Rafa's photos below, I guess it's not going to be too assuming for me to say that I think my son loves their playground too!

Our decision to take Rafa to the park every afternoon has really helped a lot in the development of his gross motor and socialization skills.  This is where he actually learned how to go up and down the stairs.  (We don't have stairs in the house that is why he was so amazed when he first experienced how it's like to climb up and down each step.)  In addition, he also gets the chance to meet new people and gain new friends whom he can talk and play with.  Yeah, our little man is a very friendly toddler!  He's the kind of kid who would never hesitate to give anyone a smile, even strangers.

While Rafa was busy enjoying the playground and exploring the park, me and my husband would take turns in watching over the little creature so that we can also have the opportunity to burn our excess calories in the park's fitness area.  I so love their facilities!  There's no need to spend on expensive gym membership fees anymore.  (We have never spent on such anyway.)

Aside from the children's playground and fitness area, they also have a football court, tennis court (which gave me the motivation to learn how to play tennis), and free circuit training facilitated by professional fitness trainers every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

I am really glad and grateful that we have found a perfect family park where both kids and adults get equal opportunity to be fit while having fun.  Going to the park every afternoon is indeed a family affair that promotes a healthy active lifestyle.

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