Mommy Bloggers Philippines' First Ever Christmas Party

December 30, 2014

I am a newbie blogger.  In fact, I just started blogging about four months ago and I've been a member of MBP for less than two months only.  I'm very glad that I was given the opportunity to be accepted as a member of this group even though I'm not actually based in the Philippines.  To be honest, I was wishing to attend their future events the moment I've learned about their recent MBP Halloween Party last November.  So when I saw Miss Lani's invitation to MBP's first ever Christmas Party, I immediately signed up to reserve a slot (it was an intimate party intended to be participated only by the first 30 mommies who will be able to pay the reservation fee).  Good thing the event happened to fall on a date when me and my family are in the Philippines for the Christmas season.  I must be very lucky to have my wish granted.  I was both happy and excited!  

Then came the day I've been looking forward to, the 5th of December. The party was held in Spaces by Babyland, a modest venue that was styled by our guest caterers to keep up with the Winter Wonderland theme.  The entire place was filled by the colors blue, white, and silver, giving it a perfect winter-y feel which spelled nothing less than class and sophistication.  

Since I was a new member and it was only my first time to attend an event of MBP, I felt a little hesitant.  Most of the mommies who attended the party knew each other already and I was like, "Uh-oh!"  I was scared of the thought of feeling like an outcast in a party where everyone knows every one, so I started reaching out and introduced myself to my fellow mommies and I was gladly accommodated and welcomed into the group.  I was very thankful to be a member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and found new good friends.  The companionship of these gorgeous mommies are truly heartwarming!  

Let me share with you how the MBP's first-ever Christmas party went through the following photos:

Upon arriving at the venue, I was warmly welcomed by these beautiful mommies:  JhoAna of and Lally of at the registration area where I signed the attendance sheet and was given a name plate.

The first hour of the party was about meeting new friends and getting to know the mommies of MBP.  In addition, this time was also allotted for us to get the chance to pose before the Yeah, SHOOT PhotoBooth for some souvenir. 

The program proper was then started by an opening prayer that was led by JhoAna of followed by the opening remarks of Lanie of and Louisa of

To keep the party alive, all mommies were requested to participate in a game where each one of us were given the opportunity to ask and be asked a question.  The next few minutes were full of fun and laughter.  I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time!  This activity enabled us not only to enjoy the game but to get to get to know other mommies as well.

After the game came the most awaited part of every party, the "merienda" buffet!  The event was sponsored by three caterers who did not only made us feel like we were Queen Elsa by transforming our venue into a "Frozen" inspired Winter Wonderland setting but also filled our hungry tummies with a feast of delicious food and drinks.
Contact No.:  0917 8539335 / 744 0817 or 744 1272

Contact No.:  0917 5122213 / 434 2453 or 433 9067

Contact No.:  0921 9861081 or 0906 447 9675 / 861 1249

Of course, any party would not be complete without a dessert.  And when I speak of dessert, I mean beautifully presented, bountiful in serving, and devilishly good to taste dessert buffet by Love Desserts. Such a perfect treat for my sweet tooth!
Contact No.:  0923 283 3339 / 239 0745

Then came the most exciting part of the party that made everyone seem to whisper a little prayer, the raffle portion sponsored by Abenson, GloriettaLazadaRenuzit, and The Cream Factory.  Truthfully, I was hoping to get any of the two major prizes being given away:  an Acer tablet and a Sharp LED TV.  However, luck was not on my side that day (or should I say, luck has never been on my side when it comes to raffles) so I ended up bringing home a bath cream from The Cream Factory instead.  That's fine!  I'm still grateful anyway because even if I didn't win the major prize, I still got to take home a present from our exchange gift and these give aways courtesy of our generous sponsors:  Fly Ace, Nailaholics, Teleserv, Zomato, Trolli, Triumph, and Nature Essentials.
Indeed, the first ever Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Winter Wonderland Christmas Party was a huge success!  Congratulations and thank you to all the mommies who organized and made this event possible:  Joy of, Louisa of and Lanie of  It was a pleasure meeting all of you!  Till next time mommies!

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