Review: Tiara (Burj Al Marina, Abu Dhabi)

November 14, 2014

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I've been here in Abu Dhabi for almost two years already but this was the only time I got the chance to dine in the famous Tiara Restaurant of the Burj Al Marina.  Actually, it just took me a long time to convince my husband for us to try it.  He was very hesitant in the beginning because this place is pretty expensive.  However, since he knew how much it would make me happy to experience dining in a revolving restaurant, he finally agreed to take the whole family here for dinner.  And I was like, "Is that for real???"  I can't believe my uber kuripot husband will take us to a one-of-a-kind fine dining restaurant!  I was in shock but I managed to dress up immediately before he changed his mind.  Lol.

In order to get to the restaurant, we had to take a few meters walk inside the Marina Mall and take a lift.  The glass elevator will allow you to see the view of Abu Dhabi as it goes up to a height which is approximately 55 floors.  The elevator ride may have been enjoyed by some but not me.  My heart was pounding I could almost hear it.  I was scared.  I even told myself, "What was I thinking to have the idea of dining in a revolving restaurant?"  I totally forgot, I have fear of heights!  But worry not because I survived the night.

Upon alighting the lift, a woman from the front desk ushered us to our table.  We were then seated to a beige comfy couch and were handed the menu by a friendly and accommodating waiter who also guided us in choosing their best-selling dishes.  It took some time before our order was served (which was totally expected since we're dining in a gourmet restaurant where meals are cooked and served fresh).  Anyway, waiting didn't became much of an agony since we were given a complementary bread and butter to fill our rumbling stomach.  Also, we used that time to capture photos and enjoy the nighttime view of the cityscape which was just oh so romantic!

The restaurant's pieces of furniture spelled class and sophistication which perfectly matched the romantic mood of the lights and the mellow background music.  The moving floor which makes one revolution per hour and the glass walls of the restaurant allow diners to have a 360 degree panoramic view of Abu Dhabi which looked best at night.  This restaurant is absolutely one of the best places for an intimate dinner date with a special someone!

Complementary Bread and Butter

Pan-seared Sea bass Fillet with crispy asparagus, glazed squash, and white sesame saffron mustard sauce
(AED 125.00)

Salmon Paupiette Stuffed with smoked salmon, capers, potato gnocchi, glazed beetroot, passion fruit and lime emulsion  (AED  130.00)

Tiara Mix Grill with makbous rice and minted yoghurt  (AED 160.00)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with mushroom galette, potato, beef bresaola and cinnamon beef juice  (AED 140.00)

Vanilla Pannacota with coffee ice cream  (AED 35.00)

Mikado Chocolate Cake  (AED 35.00)

The food that we ordered didn't disappoint me as well.  Every dish they served on our table looked appealing and so intragram worthy!  Just like what they say, "you eat with your eyes first."  This restaurant has definitely done a great job feeding our eyes with beautifully presented mains and desserts.  Each plate also tasted as good as it looked.  Everything was fresh, generous, well seasoned, and prepared to perfection.  This is certainly the perfect destination for a world-class fine dining experience.  

Overall, my first encounter with Tiara Restaurant was absolutely fantastic!  I enjoyed everything!  The ambiance, the food, the service, and most specially the people I shared the night with.  (I just didn't know if my husband enjoyed it as well after paying the bill.  Lol.)  It's really one for the books!  I would definitely recommend this as a "must try" for all the tourists who wish to visit Abu Dhabi.  It's just really expensive though but believe me, it's totally worth it.

Tiara Restaurant
Burj Al Marina, Marina Mall, Marina Village, Abu Dhabi
Contact number:  02 6819090

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