Me and My Beautiful but Defective Eyesight

October 10, 2014

Maybe you were wondering why I suddenly appeared on my facebook photos wearing this pair of eye glasses that made me look 10 years older than my actual age.  For those people who never met me during my teenage years, you may not know that I have this very common refractive error of the eye called myopia.  In layman's term, nearsightedness.  I can see objects clearly as long as they are near but distant objects would appear blurred.

This actually started back when I was in grade 5 or 6.  I just noticed that I'm already having a hard time reading what's written on the board especially during our math class.  I would often squint my eyes in an attempt to make things look a little bit clear or I would simply stand from my seat and go near the board to see things better.  In high school, people would often mistake me for being snob because I wouldn't smile back at them whenever they see me around.  What they didn't know is that I can barely see their faces.  So to make my life easier, I decided to wear eyeglasses.  I swear, I felt like a blind who was just given the miracle of an eyesight the moment I was given corrective lenses.  Haha!  Kidding aside, those specs really helped me survive the world of school and public transport.

I love having a clear vision but I didn't love my eyeglasses as much.  To be honest, I hate wearing glasses.  I have my list of reasons:
1.  it looks so "manang" (that's me being sooo arte);
2.  it's hard to see through my glasses during the rainy season when raindrops tend to cover my lenses (how I wish they were equipped with wipers, which I think would really look silly);
3.  it's hard to play my favorite sport (volleyball) without having to remove my eyeglasses in fear of seeing it torn into pieces by the end of the game;
4.  it fogs easily (which blinds me for a few seconds) when going through a sudden shift of extreme temperature;
5.  it destroys my look whenever I have to dress up to attend a formal event; and
6.  it refrains me from wearing sunglasses leaving me vulnerable to
the sun's harmful UV rays.  (I don't know if transition glasses were already available then but if in case they were, surely I won't be able to afford it.)

With all these being said, I decided to switch to contact lenses in college.  Contact lenses are heaven sent!  It made me feel like a normal person with a perfect vision.  The only downside is that it takes a little more time and effort to put it on.  I have all the time in the world back then so I didn't mind.

However, having a baby made the situation a lot different now.  My very demanding boss robbed all the time in the world leaving me with almost nothing for myself.  So to make things more convenient for me, Ronnie and I decided that it would be better for me to go back to wearing eyeglasses.  He just requested my specs to have transition lenses since we are living in a place where the climate is always sunny.  My husband is really thoughtful!

So I lived the life of a four-eyed woman once again.  Several months later, we learned that the new health insurance that we have actually covers 80% of prescription lenses.  So we went to an optical shop to get a pair of extended contact lenses.  Unfortunately, they don't have it.  According to the sales lady, they only have two types of contact lenses available: daily and monthly.  Since I don't intend to use it regularly, I decided to get the daily contact lenses instead.  I got two boxes because my eyes have different grades, the right being more defective than the left.

I'm just so happy I've got contact lenses again!  Special thanks to the health insurance company for sponsoring my new eye wear and to my ever dearest husband who always supports everything that will make me happy!

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