Santa's Early Christmas Presents

September 21, 2014

It was Babyshop's final week of sale so the two Santas in the house decided to grab the opportunity to buy the little kiddo an advance Christmas present.  Daddy Santa gave a stroller while Ninang Santa gave a child tricycle (baby bike).

It was actually our first time to buy a stoller for the little boy.  The blue Graco full-size stroller that he used to have was a hand-me-down from Ronnie's very generous officemate.  Graco is really a good brand; high quality and proven to be heavy duty.  The original owner of Rafael's first stroller is already a grown up little lady who I believe is about 10 years of age.  We just really had to buy a lighter and less bulky stroller for convenience since we will be coming home to the Philippines and are expecting a lot of traveling to do.

We decided to choose Giggles umbrella stroller since it is lightweight (6.7 kgs), foldable and a great space saver.  Perfect for traveling especially in airports where heavy luggages are sure to consume most of your energy!  We actually prefer the color to be something neutral (so that it can still be used by Rafael's siblings in case we will be blessed with a baby girl in the future) and dark (so it would not be too high maintenance).  However, this model comes only in purple and beige.  The other available brads are either pricey or looks inferior in terms of functionality.  Since we didn't have much option, we decided to just get the beige one instead.  I am just hoping that it will be as durable as the Graco stroller (fingers crossed).

The other gift which Rafael will surely enjoy is his new toy bike from Ninang Mot (she really loves to spoil my son with a lot of toys).  This child tricycle can be used as a stroller during the early stages and can be transformed as a tricycle for toddler use.  It is definitely a multifunctional toy perfect from 10 months up to 3 years of age.  It has a detachable parent steering handle for full parent control (since he still can't use the pedal), a surrounding safety bar to make sure that the little boy wouldn't fall off, a foot rest where he can place his feet in case mommy or daddy is the one driving for him, front and back storage buckets, and two buttons that he can press to play 5 different musical sounds.

These hot wheels are really great!  Thank you daddy Ronnie and ninang Mot for the early Christmas presents!

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