Oh Christmas Tree!

September 08, 2014

The BER months have officially started (eight days ago) and for us, Filipinos, this also signals that the Christmas season is drawing near.  I'm starting to miss the Philippines.  I miss hearing those Christmas songs, seeing those colorful Christmas lanterns light up the streets, and feeling that cool breeze on my skin whenever the month of September kicks in.  Aside from those things, of course, is there anything more important than celebrating "Misa De Gallo" and "Noche Buena" with the family?  It is indeed more wonderful to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines.  So this year, our family will be coming home for Christmas!  Yeheey!

Christmas is the most wonderful day of the year!  I'm in love with it.  And since I just can't hide my excitement anymore, I asked Ronnie if we could put up our Christmas tree this early.  Well, he knew that it would make me happy and since he is the most supportive husband in the world (as he has always been,) he agreed.  So yesterday, we happily assembled and decorated our Christmas tree while Christmas songs from Glee was playing on the background.  Looking at the photos, it seems like I was not the only one who was so excited about it.  Haha!

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