Mommy's Advice on Sharing

September 09, 2014

**This blog post is especially written for my son, Rafael, and his would-be siblings in the future.

Hi anak!  Mommy is writing a blog post for you while you are busy enjoying your first nap of the day.  This is going to be the first of the many blog entries about life that mommy wishes to teach you in the future.  Don't worry, mommy will help you learn things about life as you grow older.  But in case mommy forgets or for some reasons you just can't handle mommy's life lessons personally (maybe mommy's nagging a little or a lot), you can always visit this website and read my blog.  I hope you will be able to learn something from this and I also hope that you will keep this lesson not only in your mind but in your heart as well.  You know why?  Because sometimes, our mind may forget important things which our heart will surely never fail to remember.

The first thing I want you to learn is the virtue of sharing.  You know, your daddy Ronnie and lolo Nestor are two of the most generous people I've known.  I hope when you grow up, you'll be as generous as they do.  Be that person who will always be willing to "give" and lend a helping hand.  Share your blessings, anak.  No matter how big or small, share anyway.  Remember, God cannot shower His blessings into hands that are full.  So if someday you find yourself more blessed than the others, don't brag.  You were blessed not to be conceited.  You were blessed because you were chosen to be a blessing to other people, so share.  Share without expecting anything in return.  Share wholeheartedly and you will be amazed how happiness can fill your heart.

Be generous, anak.  But be careful of those people who have the tendency to abuse your generosity because of their own selfish motives.  Yes, these people exist.  I hope someday you will be wise enough to identify these people and let not yourself be used as an instrument to tolerate their negative "habit".

Be generous, anak.  Share.  And let's help make this world a better place.

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