Goldilocks Abu Dhabi

September 23, 2014

During the time when I was on my first trimester of pregnancy with Rafael, I really had a difficult time satisfying my palate's cravings.  I would mostly crave for Filipino dishes or dessert.  It was very disappointing on my end not to be able to get what I wanted to eat (simply because it's not available in Abu Dhabi).  It's crazy.  I don't even know how to explain how weird it feels to crave for something when you're pregnant.

One of the many things that I missed and craved for during those times were Goldilock's and Red Ribbon's cakes.  We tried searching but what we usually encountered were ice cream cakes.  There were bakeries that would offer cakes but would not taste as good.  And in case we found something that taste perfect, the price tag that comes along with it looks perfectly expensive too.  That's really depressing for a craving pregnant woman!  So just imagine how excited I was when I learned that Goldilocks has finally arrived in Abu Dhabi.  The only thing is, I'm no longer pregnant.  (They were 10 months late.)

Goldilocks Abu Dhabi is not the usual Goldilocks Bakeshop that we have in the Philippines.  Aside from cakes and pastries, they also offer wide variety of breads like pandesal, sausage roll, ensaymada, and many more, thus the name Goldilocks Bakery.  Aside from baked products, they also have halo-halo, pancit palabok, shakes, sandwiches, and Arabic sweets.  Nevertheless, Goldilocks Bakeshop of the Philippines and Goldilocks Bakery of Abu Dhabi are of the same company.

Anyway, for all those pregnant and non-pregnant people who wants to taste a classic and authentic Filipino dessert, you can visit any of the two Goldilocks branches in Abu Dhabi:

Tourist Club Area Branch
In front of KM Hypermarket; beside Al Maya Supermarket
Telephone No.  02 644 1718
Mobile No.  050 8199906

Al Falah Branch
Madinat Zayed, Al Falah Road, opposite Habib Bank
Telephone No.  02 622 1377

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