Emirates Palace: Etoiles

September 02, 2014

If there's one thing that I miss doing the most, that would probably be going on a date with my dearest, Ronnie.  Life has been really different since Rafael came.  All those freedom (in terms of time) that I used to have suddenly disappeared the moment he came.  It is really unbelievable how such tiny, young man can consume your time, energy and sometimes (or oftentimes) your patience.  Babies are very demanding creatures.  They will demand for your time leaving you with almost nothing for yourself.

Parenting is a very fulfilling experience but it is also exhausting at the same time.  That's why it is essential for married couples to take a break every once in a while and have some "quality time" for themselves - to rekindle that romance that has temporarily been overpowered by the stress of parenthood.

Having that "quality YOU and ME time" need not to be expensive.  Just like this romantic dinner date for two at Etoiles Restaurant of the Emirates Palace.  The regular price of their three-course fine set meals costs around 400 dirhams (per person) but we only got this for less than 200 through Groupon.  That's great deal right?  Well, actually my ever generous sister was the one who paid for this because she gave us the coupon as a present for my and Ronnie's birthday.  Thank you so much Ate mot!

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi
Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi
 Appetizer:  Crisp Calamari Curls (Noodle Salad, Pomegranate, Coriander, Smoked Chili Sauce, Candied Peanuts, Lime & Vanilla Emulsion)

 Appetizer:  Seared Scallops (Coconut & Coriander Dahl, Crisp Langoustine Tails, Apple & Ginger Slaw)

Main:  Salmon

 Main:  Rack of Lamb (Salt Baked Celeriac, Tomato Jam, Confit Shallot, Roast Root Vegetables)

 Dessert:  Creme Brulee

Dessert:  Malva Pudding and Vanilla Sorbet

Etoiles is a fashionably elegant restaurant and club that offers both five-star fine dining experience and excellent nightlife entertainment.  Since it is located in the very popular and luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel, expect everything to be expensive.  Good thing discounted vouchers are being offered online so you get the chance to experience how it feels to dine like a star without having to pay as much.

Since we went to this place in February where the weather is still pretty cool, we decided to take the seat at the outdoor terrace.  This gave us an amazing view of the palace at night:  serene quietness, gleaming lights, cool breeze and starry skies.  All these things made the ambiance of the whole evening more intimate and romantic.  The food is even more fantastic! I enjoyed every bite from appetizer to dessert.  They also have the best salmon I have ever tasted!  If there is one thing that I love about eating in a gourmet restaurant, that would be having a meal that doesn't only look good on the plate but also tastes good on the palate. We really had a wonderful experience dining at Etoiles!  I highly recommend this place for a sophisticated and classy dinner date with the one you love.  Don't forget the discounted voucher that can be purchased online to make your experience even more worth it!

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