Bloomsbury's Cupcakes

September 28, 2014

Bloomsbury's is a boutique cafe and artisan bakery that has a total of five outlets in the United Arab Emirates.  Its name made a big noise in the food industry for creating "The Golden Phoenix" - the world's most expensive edible cupcake which was  ridiculously prized at AED 3,700.  I am not the type of person who loves desserts (especially expensive ones) but Bloomsbury's posh cafe has always caught my attention eversince.  Looking from a distance, their set of vintage-styled furnitures and lovely chandeliers speak perfectly of sophistication and elegance that reminds me of the Victorian era.  Dining in this place would definitely make you feel like a princess even just for a while.

I am not a big fan of cupcakes but Bloomsbury's mouthwatering gourmet confections has tempted my tastebuds making me feel like wanting to eat them all.  The cupcakes were a confectionary masterpiece that looks too beautiful to be eaten.  It is really an irresistible dessert you wouldn't even bother counting calories.

Bloomsbury's has over 30 different boutique and luxury cupcakes that you can choose from.  With a pretty steep price of AED 12 for the Boutique cupcakes and AED 16 for the Luxury cupcakes, it's really not practical to taste them all.  Choosing which ones to buy is going to be a tough decision to make (especially if you're on a tight budget).  I'm just glad that I don't have to go through that difficult part of choosing because a family friend gave us a box of Bloomsbury's cupcakes last Thursday for Rafael's 10th month birthday celebration.

RASPBERRY DREAM (AED 12) is said to be one of the all time favourites in Bloomsbury's. The vanilla sponge with a fruity raspberry buttercream and a fresh raspberry on top really looks appealing.  Its "pretty in pink" presentation will surely catch every girl's eyes.  Guilty as charged, this dessert was the first one that I tried. The vanilla sponge was moist and was perfectly baked.  However, the pink raspberry buttercream was bland and too buttery for me.  I liked that it's pink in color but the greasy feeling it left on my lips is a little bit disappointing.  This cupcake is best for photography purposes but it's better to reserve your money on something else.

On the contrary, I love ROCKY ROAD (AED 16)!  This cupcake is composed of a vanilla sponge with fudge icing topped with marshmallows, peanuts and an extra drizzling of chocolate.  The vanilla sponge was moist, fluffy and flavored just fine.  The fudge icing has a bittersweet taste of a dark chocolate perfect for people who hates overly sweet desserts.  The toppings of  crunchy peanuts and soft marshmallows were a perfect combination that will surely be loved by kids and kids-at-heart. This number is truly a sensational dessert that presents a perfect balance of flavor and texture.

VANILLA SQUARED (AED 12) is made of vanilla sponge topped with vanilla buttercream.  In all honesty, I am not fond of vanilla flavored desserts.  So basically, my expectations of this cupcake is low.  However, I was surprised to find myself loving this sweet treat.  Just like the Raspberry Dream, the vanilla sponge of this cupcake was baked to perfection.  The swirls of buttercream tastes perfectly sweet but not too much to be an overkill.  This dessert definitely tastes as good as it looks.

Of all the four cupcakes I've tasted, this DOUBLE CHOCOLATE HEAVEN (AED 12) is my ultimate favorite. This rose-like cupcake sprayed with edible gold looks luxurious; truly a dessert fit-for-the-gods.  It has a rich chocolate sponge topped with a heavenly chocolate fudge icing.  The bitterness of the dark chocolate icing perfectly complemented the sweetness of the moist sponge.  This cupcake is truly heaven sent!  Highly recommended for all the chocolate lovers out there.

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