A Week in Dubai

September 29, 2014

Ronnie will be attending a five-day seminar in Dubai.  Instead of having to drive 130 km to and from Dubai for five days, he just decided to take us along with him.  Anyway, this duty trip is going to be sponsored by his company so basically, he will be provided an allowance to cover his expenses (food, accommodation, transportation, etc.) for the whole week.  We just have to work within the given budget or better yet get discounted deals in order for us to save extra cash for future use.  In that way, our family gets the chance to travel without having to spend a single penny out of our pocket.

If there's one trait which I am really grateful for that Ronnie and I have in common, it would probably our attitude of being "matipid" or thrifty which most people would usually regard as being "kuripot".  As husband and wife, it is important that we have the same take on our finances because this issue is one of the most common reasons of argument for married couples.  Ronnie and I have agreed to spend only on what is basic, what is needed, and what is necessary.  What we are always after is "value for money".

Speaking of value for money, Ronnie has spent several weeks looking for the "perfect" hotel where we could stay while in Dubai.  "Perfect" not in the sense that it is flawless but something that passed his criteria in terms of price, amenities, facilities, location, and reviews.  He is one of the most (if not the most) "thrifty" persons I've known.  So basically, price is always the biggest factor that he considers when paying for anything.  After a thorough deliberation of several hotels, he has finally decided to stay at The Landmark Hotel Riqqa.  (I will be posting a separate entry featuring the hotel and its facilities in the coming days).  For now, let me show you first the hotel room where we will be staying for the next five days.

We are hoping to have a wonderful stay in Dubai!  Will be meeting good old friends too!  Have a great week!

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