2 Reasons Why I Will Always Be Grateful to Abu Dhabi

September 07, 2014

1.  My Family.  It is in Abu Dhabi where Ronnie and I first met. We got introduced to each other over lunch at Figaro's Marina by Kuya Alan Guintibano (who happens to be his former superior in his first job) and my tita Ge (who was Kuya Alan's officemate).  We didn't hit off instantly back then because he, for some peculiar reasons, was so aloof to me.  That was actually strange since he was known to be very friendly to everyone.  I didn't mind.  Maybe he was just one of those people who I can never please, so deadma!  That was what I thought.  We never really became good friends until late 2010 when everything between us started to fall in place.  Two years later, we're back in Abu Dhabi again.  This time around, we already have Rafael - our original product of love.

2.  Our Bread and Butter.  Four years ago, Ronnie made a big decision to quit his job in Abu Dhabi and went home to the Philippines where he worked locally.  That was totally insane!  But who are we to judge?  He has his own reasons (perhaps, L-O-V-E is one of them) but it was indeed a very admirable trait for having that courage to choose something that will make him happy.  Just like what they say: "money can't buy you happiness."  Maybe, he was thinking the same thing.  A few years later, we got married (so that big decision of coming back home eventually paid off).  Just like the other newly weds, we started off with nothing but Ronnie was given the opportunity to join TRANSCO with the privilege of a family status.  Who would have thought we will be able to go back to the country where we first met?  This time around, the opportunity was even better.  We were really blessed to be given the chance to prepare for our children's future and at the same time stay together as a family in this foreign land.

Abu Dhabi has really played a big role in our lives, that's why we will always be forever grateful to this place for being so generous to our family!  Shukran Abu Dhabi!

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