My First Love :)

August 25, 2014

He was the one who taught me what love is - that love is sacrifice. Like most growing families, our life had never been easy - financially. When times get rough, I've never seen him quit. He was the strongest man i've ever met. He's my hero. He always worked hard and made sacrifices just to send his three children to college all at the same time. I may have not been given the chance to study in a prestigious school i've always dreamed of ( i understand we cannot afford it at that time), but i am glad God created me just like you. I was able to finish college as a scholar. I hope, somehow, I was able to make you proud; the same way that i have always been so proud of you.

He was the one who told me that i should pray for my true love. And so, as obedient as i have always been, i did. I was sixteen when i first prayed for my one true love. I know, somewhere, along the way, you've prayed with me to find him too. I prayed for signs so that I'll be able to recognize that special man God has specially reserved for me. I've prayed for years. But patience was never my virtue. Perhaps I doubted that signs aren't real or the things I've prayed for was too impossible to happen or maybe, I asked for signs but didnt have enough faith to believe in it.

I have mistaken a few as "the one". But I know "the one" can never be "the one" without the signs i've asked for. Life, sometimes, is too harsh in teaching us a lesson - we have to learn it the hard way. I've learned the virtue of patience the hard way - i had my heart broken. Those were the darkest days of my life. I've never felt so alone until you gave me that most comforting hug that i'll never forget when you said: "wag kang mag-alala anak, may darating na mas higit pa.." Tears started falling from my eyes and i realized that you never failed to make me feel that i am loved.

He was right. He is always right. The next thing i know is Mr. "The one" is right in front of me, on his knees, asking me to marry him. You need not to worry now papa, because i have married a man with a kind and generous heart like you do.

I am very grateful for having been blessed with the best father in the entire universe. It is you and your unconditional love that showed me how generous and loving the Heavenly Father is. I just want you to know papa, i maybe happily married right now but I am still your little princess and You will always be my first love. I love you papa, always and forever! 

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