Engagement: Yes or No?

August 29, 2014

"I married a good man."  This is what I told a friend the other day when we got the chance to catch up amidst our busy lives.  It's pretty obvious that when girls chat, the topic of discussion will most likely be about love life.  Being in our late 20's, we are in that stage where the people we know are getting engaged one by one.  I guess it is every woman's dream to walk down the aisle in that perfect white dress and marry the man who owns her heart.  Blame it on Walt Disney's fairy tales which made us believe in "prince charming" and "happily ever after".

Getting engaged is an exciting event and a very "kilig" moment for every couple.  True that it is sweet and flattering to have a man kneel before you with a diamond ring and ask your hand in marriage, but it is also the scariest moment of having to say "yes" for an answer (I am not speaking for the majority but this is what I honestly felt).

A "YES" does not only equate to a diamond ring and a wedding BUT a life-changing decision to do a lot of sacrifices in the future.  Just like what the "old" people say (I am somehow feeling old of having to say this as well,) wedding is just a day but marriage is a lifetime.  Don't say "YES" if what you are after is just a ring and a party.  Don't say "YES" just for the sake of having the "need" to settle down.

Say "YES" if you and your man are both ready (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially) to start and raise a family.  Say "YES" when you are ready to commit to a "selfless" life-long relationship.  Say "YES" when you are ready to handle the responsibility of being a good parent.

Someday, time will come when you will have a little one that you would love more than yourself, more than anyone else and above everything else.  That is the reason why your answer to the "will you marry me?" question matters.  Because in the future, this little one will be the only one that will matter the most.  So say "YES" only when you are ready and marry a good man.

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